Friday, 12 July 2013

RACHAEL SHEBESH confesses that Miraa makes WOMEN WILD in BED

 Durring a debate at the August House, Kenyans were treated to rare drama after a heated
debate on the ban of Miraa came to the floor of the house and legislators took the opportunity to tickle Kenyans a little.
Imenti Central MP, Mithika Linturi, who is passionate about the sale of Miraa supported the debate and gave all the positive uses of Miraa and why the ban should be lifted saying that the sale of Miraa earns Kenya’s economy billions of shillings every year.
Nairobi Women Representative, Rachael Shebesh, also stood to support the debate and said that she loves miraa and further confessed that women who chew miraa are more s*xually active and wild in bed than those who don’t.


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