Friday, 7 June 2013

Kenyatta University Girl shaved clean by Boyfriend for cheating..

A crazed Kenyatta University student allegedly attacked his girlfriend after he learnt that she was seeing another man.

The student tore clothes off his girlfriend, crushed her mobile phone and shaved her clean with a pair of scissors.

According to Campus Vibe correspondent, when he learnt that his girlfriend was cheating on him, the student from the school of humanities and social sciences, supposedly went to her room and tore some of her best outfits.

He then waited for her in the room. When she arrived, he allegedly grabbed her, gagged her with pieces of clothes and began shaving the expensive hairdo.

He had reportedly paid for her hair to be made at a salon in the university.

The couple has been dating for two years. According to Campus Vibe correspondent, the two have not been seen since May 31 when the incident happened.

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