Thursday, 4 April 2013

Uhuru Kenyatta Opens a New Radio Station….

Uhuru Kenyatta Unveils Fifth Radio Station.
Media Max's K24 has recently gone on a 'revamping' spree, and one of their strategies was getting the creme de la creme of the media world in Kenya.

DAILY EXPRESS already told you all the journalists that decamped to K24, if you missed the complete list,  see that here.  We also told you of the new tv programme by Julie Gichuru that found a home in K24.
List of All Journalists Poached By K24
Well today, according to the k24's website, Media Max which is the parent company to about four radio stations plus K24, announced that they have a new station. Called Mayian Fm, it will be broadcasting in the Maa language. According to the website, Mediamax Executive Director Granton Samboja said this was just the beginning of a multi-pronged strategy. 

The media max group will be implementing this to expand its reach and capture a wider share of the broadcast and print market.
President Uhuru Kenyatta owns Media Max group owns Kameme
FM, Meru FM, Mbaitu FM, and Milele FM. The group also owns K24 and People Newspaper. Well in.

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