Wednesday, 10 April 2013

RACAEL SHEBESH beaten and thrown out of Statehouse by Uhuru’s mother Mama Ngina…

 The Nairobi women representative will never stop the drama. Word on the streets indicate that Rachael Shebesh was thrown out of state house by Uhuru Kenyatta’s mother before being roughed up a little.

According to our sources, Shebesh and Mama Ngina engaged in a furious war of word in state house over Uhuru Kenyatta’s Inauguration that took place yesterday.

It is alleged that she had raised her voice high while arguing with mama Ngina something that was so irritating not only to Mama Ngina but also other present.

With anger and fury, Mma Ngina ordered the statehouse security to throw her out and commanded them never to allow her even to attend the luncheon after the inauguration.
She attended the inauguration however she was barred from entering State House for the luncheon.

Another kind of drama similar to this involved Rachael Shebesh during the campaigns. She engaged with the then aspiring governor Ferdinand Waititu in an altercation.

 The result was a series of hot slaps with a combination of blows from Waititu baba yao.
It took Uhuru Kenyatta’s intervention to bring them to peace.

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