Saturday, 16 March 2013

UHURU/ RUTO will form the Government Even if RAILA wins the PETITION...

By Ogola Biro
All Politics is war and its strategy is the art of war. According to Niccolo Machiavelli in the Prince; a prince must be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.

Round one win at all cost was all a part of multi-pronged strategy  of Jubilee Alliance think tank, starting with tyranny of Numbers to compromised Electoral process and eventually to a run off with multiple targets which includes and not limited to:

1. Demystify issues of foreign relations and recognition of ICC suspect

2. Water-down ICC cases by intimidating witnesses as you've seen most have refused to testify

3. To bring back to the fold sponsored dummy Presidential candidates without much suspicion

4. Make Jubilee team not look like a two tribes affair

5. Bring the business community on board/and other groups with promises

6. Enjoy the status of a President and come into run-off as an incumbent against a terrified opposition.

7. Intimidate the Cord team as evidenced in the case of Muthama etc

8. Put a total mistrust on opinion polls and blind the public forever

9. Compromise Media and continue to put alternative views to the cold and the public in the dark but they forgot that fifth Estate-social media has become a primary source of information to most people in the world and regular media is secondary in terms of breaking news and its spread. Every person in possession of a cheap GPRS enabled phone has access to the rumours and facts first hand anywhere inside and outside the country.Information censorship is barely possible given the current regulations and technology evolution. There will be a sustained uprising on the social media for a longtime and this will be the nightmare of a Jubilee Government and the voice of Opposition.

10. Subject Democracy to International Shame and Public Trial and

11. Set Kenya on a long path of Ethnic Tyranny in the name of Democracy

12. Prove to the world that our Justice/Courts Systems are working and bring back the ICC cases back to Kenya

13. Provoke Cord team to call for Mass Action and breach the Peace, them fuel it and show the world who caused the violence in 2007/08!

All this have thrown into disarray Cord's Strategic Think Tank which are spending all their focus on filling a petition at the Supreme Court over the last 7days.

The Petition in the Supreme Court against the Presidential Election Results will be the only greatest achievement the CORD team will be remembered for at the end of all this drama.

It will be a landmark feat but not their primary interest of acquiring political power, the people of Kenya will emerge victorious having proclaimed their hard won democracy which now is under the worst threat of death since the Nyayo era!

I can authoritatively confirm that round two or run–off has been won by the Jubilee team over the last 7 days (9th March-16th March 2013) and you better get ready to live with a Jubilee Government, this you can take to the Bank!
Ogola Biro

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