Sunday, 10 March 2013

Lucy Kibaki is Dead..FRESH RUMOURS..

Is Lucy Kibaki dead????

Well fresh rumours about the former kenya's first lady death have started to emerge again.

Last year there were rumours on Social Media that first lady Lucy Kibaki was admitted at the Aga Khan University Hospital Private Wing in a not very good shape. It was alleged that she was previously at the Karen Hospital before being transferred.

Several people reported seeing President Kibaki at the Parklands based hospital without his official motorcade sometime back. The Star newspaper reported that they were ordered not to use any radio communication, but instead use their mobile phones. However, when asked about the president’s visit, head of the Presidential Press Service, Isaiya Kabira said that the “the president does not go to Aga Khan”.

Blogger Robert Alai twitted “rumours out that Lucy Kibaki is dead and suddenly Mary Wambui is all over news defending Kibaki. CONINCIDENCE? sijui”

Eventually it came to the truth that Lucy was very much breathing..Let us hope this will also turn out to be a rumour...

Keep your ears on the ground…

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